Pursue Passion, NOT Profit, Baby Girl!

20150710_132327871_iOSOne of the hallmarks of my life, even before being passionate about real estate, is being passionate about my family.  One passion does fuel the other.  On the occasion of driving my oldest to launch her freshman year in college I reflect on her pursuits, and a characteristic that I pursue for everyone in my influence.  The characteristic is that of launching into life, full steam ahead, into your passion.  Whatever that passion may be.

Too often, I hear many young people discussing their dreams with the qualifier “they make good money”. Then they choose a career that they don’t really want.  Individuals who have acquired assets and/or enterprises that generate living income, can remove that qualifier.  Their only statement of qualification is “that is what makes me tick”.  That deep down passion, that driving purpose, the one thing that you are drawn to in all the universe… may not…”make good money”.

I encourage anyone that dares to dream, not to look at the price tag.  Dream. Dream big.  Then let your enterprise and assets pay the bill.

My oldest has spent much time listening to Dad talk about “pursuing passion, not profit”.  We started late.  She has only had her Roth IRA since she was 15.  She set it up all by herself.  All I did was sign as her guardian.  Her very proud guardian.  I am no longer her guardian. She’s an adult.  She knows that real estate can make the living, and her journey of pursuits can make the life.  Godspeed sweetie!  Dream on!

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Ray Kaderli is a career entrepreneur that enjoys creating win-win scenarios. His passion for real estate developed over a lifetime as he saw his parents transition from modest means ,to a comfortable retirement, to building long-term legacy wealth. Being a student of life, Ray continually studies and applies ways to do the same for his family and for others. While serving the needs of families and estates, Ray has developed unique solutions that most people don't even know exist. These solutions can solve problems of distress, or build a foundation for the future. Always happy to consult, call, text, or email. 540-664-6499, ray@getresco.com.

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